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What Does a Military Recruiting Office Do? What You Need to Know.

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Are you aware that there were almost 1.5 million active-duty troops in the military last year?

That may seem like quite a bit but, in truth, it’s nearly 40% fewer than the number in 1987. This is one reason why I can guarantee you that military recruiting is in demand. If you’re looking for a rewarding career, then you should consider becoming a recruiter.

Are you not sure what to expect from working in this position? Keep reading to learn what a military recruiting office does.

A Typical Day of Work at a Military Recruiting Office

I should note that the main responsibility of a military recruiter is to find people who are qualified to enlist in the military in a particular position.

Retired and non-active duty military members often occupy this job position, but it’s by no means exclusive to them. The offices of a military recruiter are often in a metro area where they can have easy access to a wider pool of potential recruits.

I must emphasize that your exact duties as a military recruiter will depend on your skill level. The levels range from three to five. Basic responsibilities include handing out informative pamphlets, interviewing potential recruits, and answering questions.

At a higher level, you can end up training and counseling lower-level recruiters, providing performance reviews, and more. At skill level five, you’ll have wide-ranging responsibilities that include community outreach planning, creating training programs, and analyzing data, among other things.

Some military branches share offices but it depends on the location. Although you’ll spend a significant amount of your time in an office setting, you’ll also go to job fairs, colleges, shopping malls, and other public places in an effort to find recruits.

What to Expect When Meeting a Military Recruiter

As a recruiter, you can expect to break the ice with people by talking with them about their interests and their goals. This information could help when discussing potential positions within the military.

There’s a good chance they’ll have questions for you so you’ll need to prepare to answer them in as much detail as possible. These include questions about military training, pay, and almost anything else relating to the military.

You can also exchange contact information so it’s easier to follow up in the near future and take steps toward possible enlistment.

Are You Ready to Work in a Military Recruiting Office?

Now that you’ve learned all about what a military recruiting office does, you can decide if it’s the right work environment for you or not. With great pay and plenty of benefits, I’m confident you’ll love working in this position. Your friends and family members will certainly be proud.