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How to Become a Military Officer Recruiter

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Did you know that the United States military is currently in need of many more recruits than they already have? Right now, there’s a gap of over 20,000 active-duty troops.

This is why it’s worth becoming a military officer recruiter so that you can help close the gap. This is one of the most well-paying military positions in demand today.

Are you ready to start on a fruitful career path? Keep reading to learn from me how you can become a military officer recruiter.

What Are the Options for Becoming a Military Officer Recruiter

You’ll be glad to hear that there are several avenues for you to make your military career aspirations a reality. For starters, you could enlist in the United States military and work your way up the totem pole to reach your desired position.

Another option involves signing up for the Basic Leader Course at an academy. This can give you the toolset you’ll need to succeed as an officer recruiter. Other courses include the Army Recruiting Course and the Advanced Training Program.

If you’d rather not have any other military jobs than the specific one you want, then you can apply to officer recruiting positions directly. Of course, you’ll need to meet the military officer recruiter requirements if you want your application to be seriously considered. This is where a college education can come in handy.

What Are the Requirements for Military Officer Recruiters?

There’s a wide range of requirements you’ll need to become a military officer recruiter without rising through the ranks first. Your age should fall somewhere between 21 and 35, for instance. You’ll also need to fill out a personal finances form, pass a mental health evaluation, and have a valid photo ID.

It usually doesn’t take longer than half a year to hear back after applying, but it can sometimes take only a few months.

How Does Someone Find a Military Officer Recruiter?

Military officer recruiters are stationed in many different locations across the country. When filling out your job application, you’ll have the option of noting the specific locations you prefer to work at.

While you’ll have an office where you’ll spend a good amount of time working, you’ll also need to go out and set up an information booth in public places, including malls, job fairs, and at college campuses.

Are You Ready to Become a Military Officer Recruiter?

Now that you’ve learned from me how to become a military officer recruiter, you can enjoy a rewarding career that also helps the greater good. No matter what position you’re after in the US military, you can make your dreams come true through dedication and perseverance.